Boonejour | Bio
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Benjamin is a “mountain man” at heart. His first experience of the area was as a kid in youth group coming from his hometown of Wilmington to sometimes hike Linville Gorge with other guys. His love for the outdoors and the mountain lifestyle grew from there, and over the years he has traveled and hiked around the world. After high school, he attended NC State for Mechanical Engineering and also studied in Melbourne, Australia a semester, and then, after arriving back to the States and changing paths completely and getting a Christian Ministry Degree from a school in Charlotte, he decidedĀ 10 years laterĀ to finish his Bachelors in Business Administration in the evenings after work, at local Lees McRae college in Banner Elk.
After 15 years of employment with Food Lion (starting as a bag boy in high school and ending after several different full-time positions as a department manager), he quit his job as soon as he finished his degree, took the real estate courses, and obtained his license as a local Realtor in the High Country, serving his clients diligently since 2011. Since then, he has sold around $50M in property, and continues to be one of the area’s top producing agents. His love for real estate goes back to 2006 when he first started investing in real estate by flipping houses, subdividing land, buying/managing rental properties, and developing. He still invests locally in real estate, and believes a home purchase is not just a great accomplishment for his clients, but should also be considered an investment. Boonejour is a brainchild of his that has been years in the making. He felt that real estate professionals needed an easy service that provided thoughtful, locally-crafted closing gifts to their clients, that would also bring local businesses more attention and business over time.