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  • 1 can of hand crafted Booneshine Beer
  • 1 can of hand crafted Blowing Rock Brewing Company Beer
  • 2 Appalachian Cookies
  • Bolick Pottery Coffee Mug
  • 4 ounces of Local Lion Coffee
  • Peabody steal bottle opener
  • Blue Ridge Apiaries Honey, Wildflower
  • Appalachian Pepper Company Jelly, Habanero Pineapple
  • Harmony Acres Soap, Sweet Almond
  • Ashe County Cheese, Mountain Cheddar

See description below for details on these local products!

Basket Pickup:

Boonejour Gift Baskets will be delivered to your chosen location by 11am on the following days (please give 24 hours notice for basket delivery):
Blowing Rock and Boone: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Banner Elk and West Jefferson: Tuesday and Thursday.

There is a $10.00 fee for each basket being delivered to Banner Elk or West Jefferson. Choose your pickup location in the options below.

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Rectangle Chain Bamboo Baskets with Handles

A light colored basket with a double- chain motif running around the sides. Handmade with natural bamboo. Baskets are tapered in shape, a recollection of traditional mountain basket crafting. These natural and practical baskets fit well in any home décor. 12x7x3 ½ inches

Each Gift basket is wrapped in a natural netting with a twine tie and gift tag.

Ashe County Cheese Company

Ashe County Cheese is Carolina’s oldest cheese plant; it has been producing quality cheese since 1930. Located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, Ashe County Cheese is a favorite of all who live in and visit the High Country.
• Mountain Cheddar Sharp 8 oz.
Mountain Cheddar is old-fashioned, handcrafted and aged over 9 months. This cheese is a bold and flavorful delight!

Appalachia Cookie Company

Appalachian Cookie Company makes cookies the way your grandma’s grandma made them: made from scratch, with real ingredients. It is Appalachian Cookie Company’s goal not only to bake a high quality product, but also to enhance the community through food donations to dozens of Appalachian families each month.
2 cookies: Chocolate Chip & Macadamia Nut White Chocolate

Peabody’s Wine and Beer

Peabody’s Wine and Beer Shop has offered one of North Carolina’s largest and finest selection of wine and beer, wine accessories, cigars, fine cheeses, luscious chocolates, gourmet food, great service, and party, wedding, and event planning since 1978. Peabody’s is a Boone staple!
Peabody’s Steel Bottle Opener 
This is a heavy duty, beautifully crafted bottle opener, engraved with the Peabody’s logo. This bottle opener will last for a life time and it’s ergo friendly, too!

Blue Ridge Apiaries

Beekeeping and honey producers in the Blue Ridge Mountains for four generations, Blue Ridge Apiaries offers spring-harvested honey that can include dozens of floral sources, making this a good choice for those consuming honey for health benefits.
Wildflower Honey 12oz. 
A delicious, unique and authentic blend of organic raw honey. You simply cannot get more real!

Appalachian Pepper Company

Owned and operated by local Boone couple, Larry and Carla Cole, Appalachian Pepper Company jellies and salsas are fast becoming a must have for entertaining in the High Country. Taste the flavors of Appalachia that add a little kick to everything from appetizers, gourmet meat dishes, or even humble biscuits and toast!
Habanero Pineapple Jelly (Mild)
Habanero Pineapple is a classic best seller that has taken the High Country by storm melding the subtle flavors of habanero and juicy pineapple.

Harmony Acres Soap Company

Harmony Acres Soap Company is a true “family owned and operated” business…kids and all! They are inspired on a daily basis to create amazing natural products that encourage health and healing. Since making their first bar of soap 10 years ago, natural hasn’t just a trend for this family business, it’s a way of life. All products are handmade and natural.
Sweet Almond Natural Bar Soap
A customer favorite, Sweet Almond Natural Bar Soap is made from a blend of plant-derived essential oils, including bitter almond and lime to create a very unique and addictive scent!

Local Lion Expresso Bar and Homemade Donuts

Owned and operated by Boone’s Josiah and Merideth Davis, the Local Lion is a favorite coffee shop for both locals and vacationers who appreciate freshly roasted, delicious coffee. Local Lion Coffee strives to offer Fair Trade coffee as well as to trade directly with coffee farmers from around the world who incorporate organic growing practices.
Sumatra Coffee (Bold) 4 oz.

Booneshine Brewing Company

Booneshine Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in beautiful Boone, NC. This microbrewery, founded in 2015 by two local fishing buddies, both of whom had years of experience in making home craft beer, has quickly become a favorite place to connect with friends and provides a variety of great beer for High Country restaurants and bars.
(1) can of Booneshine

Blowing Rock Brewing Company

Blowing Rock Brewing Company began with a single idea—to create a beer that captured the finest qualities of the High Country. In 2007, we set out to make this idea a reality. We believed in the clean mountain water, unique ingredients, and local community of our home. We saw untapped potential for a craft beer unlike any other. The two of us spent nearly five years dedicating ourselves to research, assembling an award-winning team and perfecting signature recipes. In 2013, Blowing Rock Brewing Company opened our first brewery in the heart of historic Blowing Rock
(1) can of Blowing Rock

Additional Information
Pickup Location

Banner Elk Pickup (+$10): 110 Main Street West – Blue Ridge Realty & Investments Office, Blowing Rock Pickup: 1129-1 Main Street – Blue Ridge Realty & Investments Office, Boone Pickup: 895 Blowing Rock Rd – Boone High Country Rentals Office, West Jefferson Pickup (+$10): 10 North Jefferson Ave – Blue Ridge Realty & Investments Office

Reviews (29)

29 reviews for Cottage

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